Best Presentation Awards

Each year at the SETAC Europe annual meeting, students and early career scientists can apply to have their presentation entered for consideration in the Best Student Presentation Awards (BPA) containing the Best Student Poster Presentation and the ECETOC Best Student Platform Presentation. Upon application, abstracts are reviewed and given a score based on a set of criteria. The top-scoring abstracts are then accepted into the competition and will be judged onsite in Seville.

Become a Volunteer Judge and help score presentations

With the top-scoring abstracts selected, we are looking for judges who would like to evaluate presentations onsite in Seville to help select the winners of the award. Please consider helping with this task as without willing volunteers this valuable benefit to student members would not be possible.

As a volunteer judge:

  • You will be asked beforehand to indicate your topic preferences so we can assign you presentations that match your area of expertise. Once your preferences are received, we will inform you about the assigned presentations so you can review them and report any conflicts. 
  • You will be able to collect your BPA scoring sheets upon registration or check-in in Seville and are expected to evaluate 5 presentations throughout the meeting. 
  • You are expected to return the completed score sheets as soon as possible after the presentation, so we can tally and determine the winners in time. 

If you are interested in judging presentations for the Best Presentation Awards, please contact us at [email protected].

Please note that students are not eligible to serve as volunteer judges.