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Member Benefits



Participate in SETAC activities (register for a meeting, propose a session, etc.)

Free access to:

  • Assorted SETAC Books
  • SETAC Science Briefs
  • SETAC Technical Issue Papers

Free subscription to:

  • SETAC News
  • SETAC Globe

Free job hunting in SETAC Career Center


Includes FREE benefits plus:

Free access to:

  • Membership directory
  • Mentoring program

Eligibility to join:

  • SETAC Interest Groups
  • SETAC Affinity Groups

Free registration for:

  • SETAC Cafés
  • SETAC Webinars



Includes EXPLORER benefits plus:

Free subscription to the SETAC journals ET&C and IEAM

20% reduction on open access fees

Eligibility to participate in society governance, including boards, councils and committees

Reduced meeting registrations for loyal members




Membership Dues

The SETAC membership model was designed to provide flexibility and choice for our members while providing significant reductions for students and early career scientists as well as for members who are residents of low- and middle-income countries

One-Year Dues

  Free Explorer €|$* Full €|$*

Residents of high-income countries






Recent graduate (50% discount)



Student (75% discount)



Residents of low- and middle-income countries (75% discount)







Recent graduate (50% discount)



Student (75% discount)



* The currency is based on your geographic area of residency. Africa, Central Asia, Europe and Middle East: Euros; Central America, North America and South America: U.S. Dollars; and Asia-Pacific region: Australian Dollars.

Receive an additional 12.5% discount for a three-year membership.

If you are on family leave or a senior active member and want to take advantage of discounted membership rates, please contact the SETAC office.

Loyalty Program

SETAC cherishes its loyal members and offers extra benefits to those who continue their membership year after year.

Full members with a continued membership of more than one year will be awarded the loyalty badge and receive a discount on meeting registration fees.

If you were a SETAC member before the transition to the new membership model in June of 2023, you were automatically promoted to Loyal Full Member during the transition to the new system and can benefit from these reductions right away! You will retain your loyalty status as long as you keep your full membership active and don't let it lapse.

Membership Registration and Cancellation Policy

Your membership is valid for one or three year(s) from date of purchase. After that time, your membership expires and you will be asked to renew your membership if you wish to continue to receive member benefits.

Membership is non-transferable and non-refundable.

Payments by credit card or PayPal are strongly preferred. Payments can also be made by bank transfer. Checks will not be accepted.

These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of your administrative Geographic Unit: Africa, Central Asia, Europe and Middle East: SETAC Europe (Belgian law); Central America, North America and South America: SETAC North America (U.S. law); and Asia-Pacific region: SETAC Asia-Pacific (Australian law).