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Types of Meetings

SETAC holds meetings and workshops in person and virtually around the globe. Our events provide a forum for environmental professionals for the exchange of information and ideas, collaboration and networking. 

SETAC Global Meetings encompass a broad spectrum of topics and are held annually in Europe in May and in North America in November and every other year in Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America regions. 

SETAC Focus Topic Meetings and Symposia address specific scientific issues.

SETAC Workshops bring together leading experts to address pressing environmental challenges as needed.

SETAC Branch and Chapter Meetings bring together environmental professionals in an intimate regional setting.


SETAC programs are planned under oversight of SETAC governance. Our approach to planning all our programs is based on our principles and values.

Multidisciplinary approaches to solving environmental problems

  • Seek a range of technical expertise from various fields
  • Encourage varied viewpoints (researchers, engineers, regulators and managers)

Multi-stakeholder engagement 

  • Insist on diversity in steering and organizing committees
  • Facilitate diversity in participation 
  • Define diversity as diversity based on:
    • Sector: academia, business and government (consistent with foundling principles) as well as non-government organizations and institutions and associations for private or public interest groups
    • Gender 
    • Geographic and ethnic origin 
    • Career level

Science-based objectivity

  • Insist on scientific integrity
  • Demand rigorous scientific review
  • Maintain full disclosure and transparency in financial and in-kind contributions

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