Accessibility and Inclusion

SETAC is committed to its values and strives to create a welcoming environment for all participants. Please view SETAC’s Inclusion Strategy and Policies as well as our “Creating Intentional Inclusive Spaces” handouts. 

Disabilities or Special Needs 

As we strive to be an inclusive and accessible conference, we are committed to answering any specific questions or accommodating requests concerning accessibility. Do you have a disability or special need which requires our awareness? Please reach out to us by emailing

Allergies / food requirements

If you have any allergies or any special food requirements, please send an email to by 1 April the latest.


Pets are not permitted at the conference, except for assistance dogs or other service-related animals. 

Children at the Meeting 

If you want to bring your child to the meeting, please send an email to at least one month prior to the meeting.   

Please note, children must be under direct supervision of their parents at all times. Parents recognise that this is a professional meeting and that our exhibitors bring expensive and valuable equipment to the meeting, and that parents are held responsible for any damages their children may cause. Please note that damages caused by children are not covered by the event insurance. SETAC reserves the right to ask parents to remove the child from the meeting. 

All children need to be registered by email in advance. Children that are not registered, are not allowed to access any rooms, the exhibition hall, etc. Parents will also have to sign a special authorisation form. This form will be sent to you prior to the meeting.  


If you need a babysitter during the meeting, please contact the hotel where you are staying. Note that this page might be updated with possible organisations for childcare. 

Nursing facilities  

If you need any nursing facilities during the meeting, please send an email to at least two weeks prior to the meeting.