Meeting Guide Programme

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The ‘Meeting Guide Programme’ connects (young)scientists who are attending the SETAC Europe meeting for the first time with each other and with seasoned meeting attendees or experienced SETAC members (meeting guides).

Based on your professional interest area and other preferences which you can indicate when signing up, groups of 2-3 first-time attendees and one meeting guide will be formed. Contact details will be exchanged prior to the meeting to allow first-time attendees and meeting guides to get in touch with each other and make arrangements to plan for a meet-up at the meeting in Seville.

The programme is free for anyone. All you need to do is indicate your wish to be a meeting guide or sign up as a first-time attendee during the meeting registration process.

Registration for the meeting will open in February 2024. Note that if you are interested in this programme, you should be registered by the early bird registration deadline of 14 March. 

First-time attendee at a SETAC Europe Annual Meeting?

Are you looking for help to find your way during the meeting? Interested to hear more about SETAC? Or just want to chat with someone during lunchtime when you feel lost?

Take advantage of this opportunity to get the most out of this information-packed conference and register as a first-time attendee. First-time attendees will be matched with experienced colleagues who can help you select relevant talks, events or information regarding the meeting. You will also be matched with other first-time attendees who have similar areas of interest. This matching combination allows you to make valuable connections for the future and will bring many collaborative opportunities. 

Long-time SETAC member and regular SETAC Europe Annual Meeting participant?

Want to share your experience with newcomers? Willing to introduce a newcomer to your friends and colleagues? 

If you have attended a SETAC Europe annual meeting before, consider becoming a meeting guide. A small amount of time can make a big difference in welcoming (young)scientists and encouraging their involvement in our society. Many past meeting guides have enjoyed the experience of getting to know new SETAC members and look forward to participating in this meeting guide programme.

 Helpful Tips and Guidelines 

  • First-time attendees should make the initial contact with their meeting guide within 1-week of matching 

  • Meeting guides should respond to first-time attendees within 1-week of initial contact 

  • Participants of the programme are expected to adhere to the highest standards of integrity and professionalism and should follow the meeting policies and the SETAC code of conduct and code of ethics.    


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Interested in a long-term mentor-mentee relationship? Sign up for the SETAC Mentoring Program.