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The Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) strives to honor and recognize outstanding contributions of individuals or groups of individuals to environmental science, and to the Society by means of the Awards Program. SETAC awards may be global in stature, or may recognize contributions at the geographic unit level.

In accordance with SETAC’s mission and values, the Society provides grant opportunities and financial stipends to support students and early career professionals and to promote diversity and inclusion.

Awards Disclosure

SETAC has implemented a self-disclosure step as part of the award process consistent with SETAC’s code of conduct and code of ethics. We ask each award candidate to consider whether they have any past or current transgressions that should be disclosed.

  • For candidates that are nominated by someone else, SETAC will reach out to the candidate directly, ask them to accept the nomination and provide the awards disclosure information.
  • For self-nominations, applicants will be ask to provide the disclosure during the application process.


For further information, contact us at [email protected].