Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission is now open!

The deadline to submit your abstract is 23:59 CEST on Wednesday, 22 May. 

The SETAC Europe 26th LCA Symposium will be organised as a face-to-face meeting from 21–23 October in Gothenburg, Sweden. 

Authors are invited to submit an abstract for oral or poster presentations from the selected tracks and sessions. Please make sure you have read the guidelines below BEFORE submitting your abstract. 

Guidelines for Short Abstracts

Guidelines for writing short abstracts (poster and oral presentations) 

  • Submit your abstract to a track and a session to which the subject matter is applicable 
  • Use title case for your title (for example, “Recommended Minimum Reporting Information for Environmental Toxicity Data”) 
  • Spell out abbreviations and acronyms in the title 
  • Keep abbreviations and acronyms to a minimum in the abstract and fully define at first reference 
  • Do not include citations 
  • Do not promote a commercial product, process or service 
  • Write for your audience: session chairs and colleagues 
  • Be clear and concise. Suggested outline: 
    • Background and Purpose: Include one or two sentences on background and identify the challenge, problem, question or purpose of the work. Explain how you plan to address the challenge 
    • Methods: Describe how your research was done without getting into excessive detail 
    • Results: Report results or hypothesis, as appropriate. Do not include figures, tables, or chemical structures. 
    • Conclusions: Note the relevance of the study and how findings advance the topic or how they can be applied 
  • Presentation preference: Oral Presentation or Poster Presentation.   

    • Presenters submitting an abstract for an oral presentation MUST also include an extended abstract attached to their submission (in addition to the short abstract). Only submissions including an extended abstract will be considered for an oral presentation, see instructions. Presenters with a preference for poster presentation should not include an extended abstract.  

    • Maximum number of abstracts for oral presentation is one. Poster abstracts are unlimited. 

  • The body of the abstract should not exceed 2,500 characters (including spaces) 

Guidelines for Extended Abstracts

Guideline for extended abstracts (additional requirement for oral presentation)

Presenters submitting an abstract for an oral presentation MUST submit both a short abstract  and an extended abstract (max. 2 pages, including tables, figures and references). Applications for oral presentations without an extended abstract will be automatically converted to poster preference. 

Have a look at the instructions for extended abstracts (pdf). Please use the template Word file to write your extended abstract and attach it to your abstract submission as a .pdf file. 

Important Notes

Important notes:

  • You will need to have a SETAC account (free, explorer or full membership). Create or login to your account before submitting an abstract. 
  • In the abstract submission process, you will need to select 3 sessions (ranked 1, 2 and 3) to which your abstract would be considered (1 indicating your session of highest priority).
  • The abstract should not have been previously published or presented.
  • Submissions will be reviewed by the Programme Committee, and you will be notified via email about the status of your submission by 7 June.
  • The Programme Committee will try to accommodate all abstracts in the requested presentation format but will ultimately decide the best fit based on thematic and consistency within a track and session
  • All presenters must register for the meeting, pay the applicable registration fees and attend the meeting.

SETAC Code of Conduct

By submitting an abstract you are agreeing to abide by the SETAC code of conduct and willing to be a registered attendee at the meeting.