The SETAC webinar series features topical presentations by environmental professionals for an audience of their peers. SETAC supports this program by providing videoconferencing technology and presentation oversight, publicizing the event, managing registration, recording and disseminating the video records. The program is distinct from the SETAC Café in that it is not an informal social or networking event. Webinars will follow a more traditional presentation style followed by a question-and-answer session.

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Past Webinars

Past Webinars

Scroll through and (re)watch the recordings of previously held webinars.

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Proposing a Webinar

The person who will be the main point of contact for organizing the event should submit a proposal to the Science Manager that includes the following:

  • Webinar title
  • Introduction to the topic, including why it is important to the SETAC community
  • Presentation(s) outline
  • Moderator and speaker(s), with an indication as to whether they are confirmed or tentative
  • Proposed dates and length of time
  • Any other information pertinent to the webinar, such as the name of the interest group hosting the webinar, external groups that would be interested in attending, associated events, etc.


Presentations will undergo a review to ensure the technical content is aligned with SETAC science. Ultimately, the presenter will be fully responsible for the content of the presentation. SETAC will provide in-house support to ensure the material presented is visually appealing, clearly communicated, and in compliance with all SETAC policies, including copyright and logo policies.

Staff will work with the webinar organizers to ensure that the topic is of importance and interest to members. The content review criteria are as follows:

  • Does the material adhere to SETAC policies, including the SETAC code of conduct and ethics?
  • Does the material align with the mission and reflect the values of the society?
  • Is the topic relevant to SETAC science?
  • Is the presentation clear and understandable?
  • Does the webinar promote a commercial product, process or service? If so, can that be justified?
  • Is the webinar balanced? If not, can that be justified?

In some instances, SETAC members from global standing committees, such as the Science or Publications and Communications committees, may be asked to help with the content review.

To reduce risk of liability, presenters will be asked to declare that they grant SETAC permission to use, reproduce, display, and distribute content, including derivative works. The ability to grant these rights may require more stringent attention to permissions than presenters are accustomed to obtaining for a one-off presentation. Presenters must adhere to the SETAC Copyright Policy