About Gothenburg

Gothenburg, Sweden's second-biggest city, and often considered the heart of Scandinavia, is home to Michelin-starred restaurants, diverse cultural scenes, sustainable living, and beautiful nature. 

Rated #1 on the GDS Index in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021 and 2022 and #1 in past ICCA Scandinavia Sustainability Index editions, Gothenburg is a world-leading destination for sustainable meetings and events and named the World's Best Sustainable City Stay in 2021 by Lonely Planet. 

From its status as a global leader in sustainability to a fascinating history of trade and innovation, there’s a lot to discover about Gothenburg. Read more about what Gothenburg has to offer on the visitsweden.com website.  

Travel to Gothenburg

Gothenburg is well accessible by train, bus, plane or ferry. The webpage goteborg.com provides all the necessary practical information for how to travel to Gothenburg as well as getting around the city, providing information on tickets, maps and much... 

For travelling with public transport within the city, more information can be found at Västtrafik. Or why not use the rental bike system Styr & Ställ

Note that Sweden is mostly cashless, and many shops, museums and restaurants only accept plastic or mobile payments. Most terminals in stores are supporting the use of paying with contactless cards. Read more.  

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