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Freshwater Bivalve Ecotoxicology

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* ISBN: 978-1-880611-67-8 Publication Date: 2007 Pages: 408
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Editors: Farris and Van Hassel

Responding to the growing need for an aggressive yet conservative approach to evaluating mussel populations, Freshwater Bivalve Ecotoxicology provides a collective review of the techniques and approaches for assessing contaminant impact on freshwater ecosystems. The editors incorporate coverage of research topics and management issues from a cross-section of scientists in the field. They explore current advances in general monitoring of population responses to stressors, fundamental concepts of ecotoxicology specific to burrowing bivalves, and useful insights that offer direction and priority for resolving specific problems challenging protection and conservation efforts.
A summary of methods from more than 75 laboratory toxicity studies conducted with freshwater mussels, the book supplies an overview of a standardized method for conducting water-only acute and chronic laboratory toxicity tests with glochidia juvenile freshwater mussels. It focuses on studies that measured contaminant treatments, had robust experimental designs, including replication of control and contaminant treatments, and were published in the peer-reviewed literature. The resulting array of viewpoints provides a framework that can be used to establish priorities in the rehabilitation and management of freshwater ecosystems.

About the Editors
Jerry L. Farris is professor of environmental biology and associate dean of sciences and mathematics at Arkansas State University.
John H. Van Hassel is a biologist at American Electric Power.