Fathead Minnow Genome

SETAC is thrilled to support open science by hosting the Fathead Minnow Genome Database.


This web project was created to facilitate the use of fathead minnow genome as a resource. The genome browser enables simplified access to fathead minnow sequence data and its associated annotations. Other resources described here (e.g., links to the genome assembly, annotation file downloads, etc.) allow for the extension and customized application of these data. These resources should allow researchers utilizing the fathead minnow to easily retrieve sequence information and should encourage the continued development of the fathead minnow as a model species.

Genome Browser

Below, you will find the genome browser where you can quickly visualize various datasets overlaid onto the fathead minnow SOAPdenovo genome assembly.

  • For basic instructions, click Help --> General from within the application
  • For a more detailed tutorial specific to the fathead minnow datasets, download the practical guide
  • To view the genome browser in full screen, use the button in the top-right corner


Other Resources