Parallel Program

The parallel program includes seminars, mini-workshops, networking mixers, tours, administrative meetings and other events meant to complement the annual meeting. Popular parallel events include the “SETAC Student Noontime Seminar” and the “SETAC Fun Run.” 

Plan a Parallel Event

Help us build an exciting parallel program in Fort Worth! Please complete the parallel event request form by 15 May.

Plan a Parallel Event


Parallel Program Event Types


Mini-workshops help participants develop their soft career skills and are planned for the day before the meeting. They are planned by SETAC committees and groups, and topics may include science communication, interviewing skills, resume writing, project management, etc. They are proposed by the end of the first half of the calendar year to allow sufficient time for planning.

Facilitators must have demonstrable expertise in the area, and qualifications must be included in the proposal. Each event should have two to four facilitators with varied backgrounds in the topic area. This will help assure that the discussion is balanced and. Each facilitator’s role in the event should be clearly defined.

  • Mini-workshop requests are due by 15 May to accommodate additional planning requirements.


These are semi-formal events where SETAC sponsors, committees and groups plan for a guest speaker to address attendees. The “SETAC Student Noontime Seminar” and “Women in SETAC” have been popular for years.

  • Seminar requests are due by 15 May to accommodate additional planning requirements.

Administrative Business Meetings

SETAC supports its members (e.g., regional chapters, committees, and interest and affinity groups) and hosts some organizations (e.g., UNEP) by allowing them to book rooms at the venue for administrative meetings for SETAC business or otherwise.

  • Business meeting requests will be collected later this year. Please check back.