Housing is now open.

Book your hotel room in the SETAC housing block by 26 September.

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The Importance of Staying in the SETAC Room Block

The importance of reserving a hotel room using the official SETAC housing block cannot be stressed enough. SETAC makes every effort to keep expenses for participants as low as possible, and we are proud to announce that rates at SETAC contracted hotels will range from $189–$219 per night plus tax. We work with cities and convention centers to secure discounted hotel room rates for our attendees. Additionally, the group booking helps us negotiate discounted rates at the convention center, which as a non-profit organization, we pass on to our meeting attendees through lower registration fees. So when you reserves a room, we urge you to use the official SETAC housing block to help SETAC provide affordable rates for this and future meetings.

Be Aware of “Housing Pirates”

Please note, the SETAC-authorized housing partner, Maritz, will NOT contact you about the SETAC annual meeting hotels or housing.

While other hotel resellers may contact you to offer accommodation for your trip, they are not endorsed by or affiliated with this event. These are companies that phone, fax or email attendees and exhibitors, claiming to offer good deals on hotel rooms. They may falsely claim to be affiliated with SETAC. If you provide your credit card information to one of these companies (commonly referred to as “housing pirates” or “housing bandits”), your card may be charged, and you might not have a hotel room when you arrive in Fort Worth.

SETAC has confirmed that multiple “housing companies” or “housing wholesalers” such as Exhibitors Housing Management and Exhibition Housing Management, who are not affiliated with SETAC or this year’s annual meeting, have continued contacting exhibitors and members, asking to book hotel rooms through them for the meeting.

The official SETAC housing bureau is Maritz. You will not be contacted directly by Maritz unless there is a question about your existing reservation. Unless you have initiated the communication, please do not provide anyone with your personal information, especially your credit card number.

Please be wary about booking hotels through non-authorized sources that contact you as there is no guarantee you will have a room upon your arrival in Fort Worth.

If you are contacted by someone asking if you need a room at SETAC, or if they represent themselves as the “SETAC Housing Bureau,” please get as much information as you can, such as the name of the company, the person calling and their telephone number — then contact [email protected].

Cancellation Policy

No cancellations will be taken over the phone. Please submit all cancellations in writing via email or via the housing website. Cancellations can be made online through 2 October 2024. After 3 October 2024, cancellations must be made directly through your hotel. Please do not contact your assigned hotel directly before 7 October 2024. Please note if you do not cancel your reservation and/or do not arrive at the hotel on the check-in date specified below, the first night's deposit will be charged to your credit card on the night of your expected arrival and your entire reservation will be cancelled.