Social Responsibility

SETAC North America is committed to Environmental Social Governance.

SETAC Louisville Social Responsibility

We take accessibility and inclusivity for meeting participants very seriously. It is very important to us to host our meetings in diverse locations to include all of our geographically dispersed members. We are conscious that a SETAC meeting and its host city have a symbiotic relationship. We also understand that tax dollars can support governments not aligned with our members’ values; however, holding a SETAC meeting in these areas not only supports our members but can also bring positive changes to that area. To offset taxpayers’ money and make a lasting impact on local communities, SETAC has partnered with SocialOffset to offer meeting participants the opportunity to contribute to vetted, local organizations in Louisville that make a positive difference in people’s lives. Guided by SETAC’s values, we identified an environmental justice organization as well as two other organizations focused on supporting health justice and LGBTQ+ youth in Kentucky.

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Visit the SocialOffset donation site to support the following organizations.

We invite you to support the organization that aligns with your values. If you want to make a positive difference in the host city and help offset taxpayers’ money the local government receives, consider making a donation to one of these Louisville charities.


Environmental Justice – Louisville Grows

Louisville Grows is an environmental nonprofit organization whose mission is to grow greener, healthier neighborhoods. Their vision is to foster green, just and sustainable neighborhoods that are most impacted by the urban heat island effect due to the loss of their tree canopy and are experiencing food insecurities. This leads to higher energy usage and health disparities including heat-related illness and death, all of which disproportionately affect Louisville’s poorest residents.

Health Justice – Kentucky Health Justice Network

Kentucky Health Justice Network builds the power of Kentuckians to achieve health justice. Their Support Fund is a staff supported network of volunteers who help people seeking reproductive healthcare with financial assistance, transportation, interpretation, and more. Their Trans Health Advocacy program works to help Trans Kentuckians access the healthcare they need, as well as reaffirm their autonomy and community.

LGBTQ+ Equality – Kentuckiana Pride Foundation

Promoting social, economic, and health equity of Kentuckiana’s sexual and gender minorities, they advocate pride, celebrate achievements, and educate leaders. The LGBT community in Kentuckiana has a long history of activism that continues through the present. Today, they carry on the traditions of LGBT Pride in Kentuckiana through their events and activities.