Professional Excellence Award


SETAC North America bestows awards on members who exemplify SETAC principles and values and promote SETAC’s mission in their professional life or their volunteer work for the society.

Criteria and Eligibility

All SETAC North America full members are eligible for the SETAC North America Excellence Award. Nominees are expected to exemplify SETAC principles and values. Awards recognize members for exceptional work promoting SETAC’s mission, in areas including but not exclusive to the following:

  • Service to SETAC North America
    • Leadership of a SETAC committee, group or regional chapter
    • Stewardship of a new or existing SETAC North America program
    • Contribution to a SETAC activity (e.g., focused topic meeting, workshop, symposium)
    • Promoting the mission of SETAC in their work
  • Promoting SETAC’s mission and values in the field
    • Encouraging collaborations towards advancing environment science
    • Promoting multistakeholder engagement and science-based decision making towards improved environmental quality
    • Providing significant contributions to environmental education either through educating students or other educators

Nominations Submission and Review Process

  • Nominations can be made from January–May for acknowledgement at the following SETAC North America annual meeting.
  • Nominations can be submitted online during the submission period by any SETAC member who is familiar with the contributions the nominee has made. Self-nominations are welcome. The nomination packet should include:
    • The name, affiliation, country and email of the nominee
    • A nomination letter and brief resumé
    • Two nomination support letters that note the reason for the nomination and describes the contributions of the nominee to SETAC or how their work in the field is aligned with SETAC’s mission, principles and strategic goals
    • Brief (approximately 250 words) biographical sketch that focuses on the nominee’s relationship to SETAC
  • The SETAC North America Executive Committee will make the final selection of recipients and may enlist the help of a committee to review nominations using SETAC North America Professional Excellence Award Rubric.
  • Recipients of the Excellence Awards will be recognized in SETAC communications.
  • Recipients will receive a certificate acknowledging their special contribution and a complimentary one-year SETAC membership. In some instance, the award may also be accompanied with a complimentary registration to a SETAC meeting, at the SETAC North America President’s discretion.

Awards Disclosure

SETAC has implemented a self-disclosure step as part of the award process consistent with SETAC’s code of conduct and code of ethics. We ask each award candidate to consider whether they have any past or current transgressions that should be disclosed.

  • For candidates that are nominated by someone else, SETAC will reach out to the candidate directly, ask them to accept the nomination and provide the awards disclosure information.
  • For self-nominations, applicants will be ask to provide the disclosure during the application process.


For further information, contact us at [email protected].