Asia-Pacific Awards

SETAC Asia-Pacific Student Research Grant


The SETAC Asia-Pacific Student Research Grant awards a research student AUD $2,500 to advance a research project that makes an important contribution to environmental chemistry and toxicology in the Asia-Pacific region.

To apply for this grant you must be a current student member of SETAC Asia-Pacific. Stay tuned for application information. For questions, contact [email protected] and [email protected].

Grant Application Information

SETAC Asia-Pacific student research grant 2024 application


Due date: 30 July 2024

Grant applications must include the following information:

  1. Applicant’s full name

  2. Applicant’s email address

  3. SETAC student membership ID number

  4. Copy of a current student ID or similar document

  5. Name of study course and institution
  6. An outline of the proposed research project under the following headings:
    • Background and referencing. This should provide a review of the literature and place the research project in context (maximum 300 words).
    • Significance. This should demonstrate sound aims and objectives for the research project that make an important contribution to environmental chemistry and toxicology relevant to the Asia-Pacific region (maximum 200 words).
    • Approach. This should demonstrate an approach suitable for addressing the objectives of the research project (maximum 100 words).
    • Experimental design. This should provide a clear explanation of the sampling regime, data parameters and analysis methodology for the research project (maximum 250 words).
    • Innovation. This should indicate any novel aspects of the study approach or design of the research project (maximum 250 words).
    • Outcomes and feasibility. This should demonstrate that the research project incorporates a logical approach using sound methods likely to produce publishable results, and that the project can be completed within a realistic time frame and budget (maximum 300 words).
    • Project budget. This is best presented in a table format (maximum one page) and should include both SETAC grant funds (AUD $2,500) and any other current funding for the research project. The items of expenditure should be justified and the source of any other funding should be stated.
    • Contribution to the advancement of environmental chemistry or toxicology. This should explain how the research project will advance knowledge in the field of environmental chemistry or toxicology specifically as opposed to being a project in a discipline area with the aim of providing answers to broader discipline questions (maximum 100 words).
    • Track record of the applicant. This should list achievements such as publications, conference presentations, awards, research grants, and work experience undertaken by the applicant which are relevant to SETAC’s mission: “to support and facilitate the development of principles and practices for the protection, enhancement and management of sustainable environmental quality and ecosystem integrity” (maximum one page).
  7. Endorsement of the grant application by the applicant’s course supervisor