Awards Disclosure and Policies

Awards Disclosure

SETAC has implemented a self-disclosure step as part of the award process. We request that each candidate or nominee take a moment to reflect on the SETAC code of conduct and code of ethics and consider whether you would like to disclose any past or current transgressions that we should know about during our deliberations.

  • For candidates that are nominated by someone else, SETAC will reach out to the candidate directly, ask them to accept the nomination and provide the awards disclosure information.
  • For self-nominations, applicants will be ask to provide the disclosure during the application process.

SETAC finds that determined unethical conduct of a holder of an award or honor, as well as credible, but undetermined, questions about the ethical conduct of such an individual, can contribute to longstanding structural and systemic barriers in the field. Consequently, SETAC has adopted this measure to reflect our belief that excellence in the field outweighs the individual.

The Society will not confer any award or honor on any individual whose conduct SETAC has determined to be unethical. That determination will be based on the Society’s own review or investigation of the transgression and, if useful in the Society’s discretion, the Society’s consideration of any others’ determinations (with supporting information) made available to the Society.

The Society will also not confer any award or honor on any individual whose ethical conduct is the subject of a credible question known to the Society, so long as the question has not been finally and favorably determined to the Society’s satisfaction, in its discretion. Determined unethical conduct may also justify suspension or revocation of an award or honor, and a credible but undetermined question of ethical conduct may justify suspension.

When applying this policy in situations of credible but undetermined questions, the Society is withholding judgment and is not making a statement or determination regarding any individual. Rather, the Society is implementing a prophylactic measure to support the field’s priority efforts to break down longstanding barriers to excellence.

The society’s conferral of an award or honor is an exercise of its discretion, not an obligation. The society, in its discretion, may suspend or revoke an award or honor if its assessment of the recipient’s actual or potential impact on the field changes for any mission-driven reason.

Each person who is being considered for an award, has a duty to disclose to the Society the existence of any fact, situation, or circumstance that could be considered relevant to the decision whether to award the honor under the provisions of this policy. If a person is bestowed an award, they have a continuing duty to disclose. Failure to make a disclosure may result in the Society withholding, suspending or revoking an award or honor, in the Society’s discretion.

All disclosures will be considered by the Global Executive Director, unless there is conflict of interest, at which time, a suitable member of governance will be selected to review. The disclosure will otherwise be held in confidence and the form will be filed on a protected server.

Awards Policies

Compliance with SETAC Policies

Nominees and award or grant recipients are expected to adhere to the highest standards of integrity and professionalism, and to comply with all SETAC policies, including the SETAC code of conduct and code of ethics


Awards Privacy and Cookie Policy

Please see the SETAC privacy policy for details. For Awards and Grants your personal data are processed:

  • To manage your nomination and review your qualifications along the predefined list of criteria that apply to the award or grant
  • To communicate with the award or grant recipients about the outcome and follow-up actions
  • In order to evaluate your award or grant application or nomination we grant access to your data to the reviewers.

Awards Data Storing and Destruction Policy

Annual Meeting Grants

For annual meeting registration and travel grants, SETAC will store your data until after the annual meeting. SETAC will maintain your profile in the application portal, but all application-related data will be deleted. For record keeping and statical analysis, SETAC will store the name, affiliation, and country of the grant recipients as well as the year and type of grant received.

SETAC Global and Europe Awards

SETAC will store the records of the winning candidates for 5 years after the award is bestowed, and the winners’ disclosure forms will be stored in perpetuity, in the SETAC SharePoint staff site or in the awards database system, which are accessible only to system administrators.

Some awards provide the opportunity to carry over unsuccessful nominations to the following year. In such cases, we will allow the submitter to update their nomination package or simply “resubmit” the existing package. If the application is not resubmitted by the deadline, either with updated information or without, SETAC will not consider the application and delete all application-related data.

For all other applicants, SETAC will retain your profile in the application portal, but all application-related data will be deleted at the end of the year in which the award is bestowed.

If you have any queries concerning the processing of awards data, please contact us.