Meeting Attendance Grant


Recognizing that inclusion is essential to excellence, the SETAC North America meeting attendance grants program supports the society’s mission and values by facilitating the participation of students and professionals at SETAC North America annual meetings. The program provides waived meeting registration and, in some cases, a stipend to defray costs of attendance, for example travel or dependent care. Meeting attendance grants are accepted during abstract submission from January–May and recipients are typically announced in August.

The SETAC North America grants program is overseen by the SETAC North America Awards and Fellowship Committee under oversight of the SETAC North America Board of Directors.

Application Instructions and Eligibility Criteria

SETAC North America students can indicate their desire to apply for a grant when they submit an abstract for the SETAC North America annual meeting. SETAC North America active student members can receive one grant at each degree program: undergraduate, masters, doctorate.

SETAC North America active professionals (non-student members) can apply by filling out a form (made available during the application period) and are eligible to receive one grant every 3 years.


The number of meeting attendance grants available per year is contingent on the SETAC North America budget, which considers income and expense projections for the following year. Income sources supporting the grant program include registration fees, exhibitor fees, external grants, and sponsor and supporter donations, including the SETAC North America Endowment Fund.

Application and Review Process

  • Grant applications have the same opening and closing dates as abstract submissions for an annual meeting.
  • Application for student grants are included in the abstract submission form.
  • Applications for professional (non-student) grants can be submitted via a separate form that is available on the meeting website.
  • All applications are anonymized prior to review.
  • The Awards and Fellowship committee make a recommendation to the board annually regarding grant dispersal and allocation.
    • For students, grants are awarded based on the quality of the abstract using this abstract rubric. Please note that guidelines for abstracts are advertised on the meeting website. Also, students may seek help with their abstracts from their institutions or from members via the SETAC Mentoring Program. Students who receive the grant are expected to volunteer 10 hours at the meeting.
    • For professionals, grants are awarded based on need and merit.
  • Grant recipients are announced before the early bird registration deadline.

For further information, please contact