07 Mar 2024

Upcoming Webinar and New TIP on Criteria for Reporting and Evaluating Exposure Datasets

Don’t miss out on the SETAC Webinar Series’s next intriguing topic. Join us at 10 a.m. US Eastern Time on Thursday, 14 March, for a webinar on "Criteria for Reporting and Evaluating Exposure Datasets (CREED): General Overview."

CREED was initiated as a SETAC-supported activity to develop a framework and criteria for assessing the reliability, relevance and usability of environmental exposure data, aiming to improve the transparency and consistency with which exposure data are evaluated for use in environmental assessments for the benefit of environmental professionals from all sectors. To learn more about the topic, download the latest SETAC Technical Issue Paper (TIP) on CREED. The webinar will provide a general introduction to CREED, mirroring the journal articles developed for Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management.  

Learn more and register for the webinar today.