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CREED was initiated as a SETAC-supported activity to develop a framework and criteria for assessing the reliability, relevance and usability of environmental exposure data, aiming to improve the transparency and consistency with which exposure data are evaluated for use in environmental assessments for the benefit of environmental professionals from all sectors. CREED’s goal is to provide a framework through which expert judgement is guided and documented, so that exposure data-use decisions can be made in a systematic and transparent way, and to facilitate consistency from user-to-user.  

The webinar will cover the highlights from this workshop, and mirror the manuscripts that were developed for the journal Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management.


  • Graham Merrington, wca environment
  • Lisa Nowell, US Geological Survey
  • Charles Peck, US Environmental Protection Agency


Graham  Merrington

Graham Merrington

Director, wca environmental

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Lisa Nowell

Lisa Nowell

Research Chemist Emeritus, US Geological Survey

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Charles  Peck

Charles Peck

Senior Fate Scientist, US Environmental Protection Agency

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