Please address any questions about becoming a Globe contributor to [email protected].

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The SETAC Globe editors actively encourage members to publish articles featuring scientific or Society-related topics that are of interest to SETAC members. Globe feature articles generally run between 500 and 1,500 words. Letters to the editor are limited to 500 words, excluding cited literature. Articles should include a short title, byline and authors’ e-mail address.

Submissions should be emailed to [email protected] and will be considered for publication in the next available edition of the Globe. The Globe generally publishes every fourth Thursday, with a two-week break after the SETAC Europe and SETAC North America annual meetings. Feature articles are due two weeks prior to publication, and short announcements (50 words and optional hyperlink) three days prior to publication.

Grammatical and typographical errors should be corrected prior to submission. Minor corrections to typos or errors of fact will be accepted within three days of the submittal deadline. Major corrections or rewrites, whether deemed necessary by the contributing authors or by the Globe editors, will result in the article being considered a late submission.

Authors are strongly encouraged to include graphics, photos or illustrations with articles submitted to the Globe, including an image to run with the article’s headline on the front page and, as appropriate, images to run in the body of the article. JPEG, PNG or other common formats are acceptable. Remember, images, like written works, are subject to copyright, and the absence of a copyright notice does not imply that the work is not copyrighted. Always check permission and attribution requirements for each image, including images from public domain sources online. Media from papers, presentations, etc. can be used with permission of the author. Each graphic, photo or illustration must include the proper attribution.

The Globe also welcomes inquiries from members interested in serving as a Globe editor. Editors are responsible for soliciting, reviewing and editing Globe content. An editor’s assignment will be based on that editor’s interests.

Following are several ideas about appropriate topics for coverage in the Globe:

  • Are you involved in SETAC governance? The Globe is a platform for telling members what you want to accomplish this year.
  • What is your interest group working on? Globe articles can help you advance the interest group’s initiatives, keep work groups active and productive between annual meetings, build bridges with other interest groups and attract new members.
  • What’s on your committee’s agenda this year? Could you use more help to accomplish your goals? The Globe is a venue to reach SETAC’s global membership.
  • Are you active in your regional branch or chapter? A report in the Globe on your annual meeting is a good way to draw attention and attract members to the chapter. A pre-meeting article may be useful for attracting attendees.
  • Are you organizing or participating in a SETAC-sponsored workshop, symposium or focused topic meeting? You can use the Globe to report to the SETAC membership.
  • Have you published recently in the SETAC journals? Do you want to let people know about it? The Globe is a good platform for telling people what you’ve done and why it’s interesting and important.
  • Are you chairing a SETAC annual meeting session? The Globe can be used to draw speakers and a bigger audience to your session and sustain the exchange of ideas on the session topic after the session is over.