Branding and Social Media Guidelines

SETAC Social Media Guidelines

The SETAC Social Media Guidelines apply to all those who affiliate themselves with SETAC on social media platforms or posts.

The purpose of these guidelines is to maintain the integrity of information that is communicated by or on behalf of SETAC, protect SETAC’s brand, and reduce the risk of adverse consequences that could result from improper or misleading communications.

SETAC social media guidelines emphasize four key principles: Respectfulness, transparency, professionalism and confidentiality.

SETAC-branded social media accounts are operated by SETAC and its geographic units under governance oversight. Other SETAC entities (including committees, interest groups, affinity groups, journals), members and leaders may not operate SETAC-branded social media pages or handles. Under the One SETAC paradigm, all members and SETAC entities can contribute content (announcements) to the SETAC accounts by sending information directly to [email protected]. SETAC also encourages our members to tag official SETAC accounts when personally engaging on social media.

SETAC Branding Guidelines

The SETAC Logo and Trademark Guidelines are intended to clarify and update the specifications of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry name, acronym, slogan and logo (symbol), and to define the conditions of their use.

The purpose of these rules and guidelines is to assure the integrity of the name of the Society, its acronym, slogan and logo, and to assure proper use so that they will be recognized and respected worldwide. SETAC is the sole owner of the name, acronym, slogan and logo, and their use must be explicitly approved by an incorporated SETAC Board of Directors or Council, with oversight by the SETAC World Council, to assure their validity.

For more information, contact the SETAC communications and publications team.