Laboratorio Tecnológico del Uruguay (LATU) Technology Park

The SETAC Latin America 15th Biennial Meeting will be organized by Latitud, whose offices are located in the Los Abetos building of the LATU Technology Park. Latitude is the Foundation of the Technological Laboratory of Uruguay (LATU), oriented to the planning and execution of Research, Development and Innovation (R+D+i) projects.

The Technology Park was created as a response to the country’s need to have specific centres of reference to pursue LATU’s mission and objectives. The Park is fully committed to contributing to the generation of technology-based knowledge in multidisciplinary areas, adopting innovation, technology-transfer management and promotion components.

In its four halls, which stretch over 4400 m2, the Center hosts an average of 200 events each year. Most of the largest and more relevant events in Montevideo are held in one of its halls, Los Robles.


Av. Italia 6201
C.P: 11.500
Montevideo, Uruguay