02 May 2024

World Health Organization Call for experts: Guidelines for Drinking-Water Quality

The World Health Organization (WHO) is actively seeking qualified experts to join the Guideline Development Group (GDG), a panel tasked with advising WHO on matters related to drinking-water quality and health. The primary objective is to provide invaluable insights that will shape the development of the 5th edition of the Guidelines for Drinking-Water Quality (GDWQ).

Experts in various topic areas, particularly those with expertise in chemical aspects related to water, are encouraged to participate. This includes but is not limited to naturally occurring contaminants, industrial contaminants, disinfection-by-products, emerging contaminants, toxicology, pesticides, materials and additive chemicals, as well as essential elements.

Download the detailed call for experts for more information, and apply at [email protected] by 2 June.