15 Feb 2024

Fort Worth’s Best Italian Restaurants — 12 Local Spots For Fresh Pasta, Pizza, and Other Authentic Dishes

By Courtney Dabney, PaperCity

Italian food is comforting and hearty, with its freshly made pasta, slow-cooked tomato sauces, and meaty ragus. It’s also a romantic meal, promising a bit of old-world elegance, and the possibility of a real Lady and the Tramp-style moment on your date night.

You know Fort Worth for world-class barbecue. We are proud to be home to some of the best pitmasters in the state, and our long history of cattle ranching, and meat packing. And, as an early transportation hub (with our railways heading in all directions), the city gained its Cowtown moniker. So you know we’ve got steaks covered. But in recent years, Fort Worth has added to its credibility in a rather unexpected realm. We’ve got some serious Italian fare as well.

These are the 12 best Italian restaurants in Fort Worth: