13 Dec 2023

ET&C Call for Papers: Hazardous Waste Sites and Remdiation Case Studies

Many hazardous waste sites have undergone remediation efforts over the last decades, some with solid monitoring data that are not easily available in well-interpreted form to the scientific community.  Recent advances in measurements and data interpretation also have enhanced our ability to quantitatively assess risk to ecological receptors and humans, and to quantitatively describe changes over time.  The goal of this special series is to engage in a science-based discourse of learnings from remediation and restoration case studies. The case studies can include:​

  • Environmental remediation of aquatic sediments or terrestrial systems. ​
  • Analysis of how the remedy achieved: a reduction of exposure, risk; improvements in ecological structure and function, and natural resource services, among others.​
  • What barriers were faced in coupling remediation and restoration goals, how they were overcome, as well as insights on regulatory or policy constraints, if any, and cost issues. ​
  • Guidance for future improvement in the process. ​
  • Quantitative metrics on improvement of ecological processes, and in risk reduction, where available.​

Submissions are due 1 October 2024. Select "Hazardous Waste" from the special issue/section drop-down menu when you submit your manuscript. For more information, please contact the guest editors Ralph Stahl or Upal Ghosh or the ET&C editorial office.

ET&C Special Issue: Hazardous Waste