07 Mar 2024

Contribute to Future Activities in Latin America

SETAC Latin America is inviting members to contribute ideas and shape the direction of future meetings in the Latin America region, ensuring they align with the latest advancements and pressing issues in the fields of environmental toxicology and chemistry. Please consider participating in these current initiatives:

  • The SETAC Latin America Education Committee has just been set up. Initial activities are being planned, so monitor the SETAC news outlets as information becomes available, and make sure you sign up for SETAC Latin America Updates within your email preferences (must be signed in to your account to access). A basic module on risk and hazard assessment, ecotoxicology and fate principles for environmental risk assessment is being organized. For more information, contact [email protected]. The committee is also open to receiving suggestions for training courses.

  • A symposium focusing on aquatic risk assessment in Latin America is under consideration for the latter part of 2024. The aim is to facilitate discussions on the latest advancements in regulatory science within the region and to bolster the local community’s understanding while identifying potential tripartite collaboration opportunities.

For more information about these current projects or to provide ideas for future programs, please contact [email protected].