Become a Sponsor

Are you looking for a way to effectively promote your company or organisation to a diverse group of environmental professionals? The SETAC Asia-Pacific Meeting is an excellent opportunity to gain visibility amongst representatives from worldwide, regional and local government, business, academic and nongovernmental organisations, show them what you have to offer and create meaningful partnerships. Become a sponsor at the SETAC Asia-Pacific 14th Biennial Meeting!

For more information about the sponsorship prospectus, please contact us. 

Within China:

Please contact us at 022-23501117 and 022-85358781 or contact Lu Yuan via phone 13752318183 or email at [email protected]

Outside China:

Please contact SETAC [email protected].

Sponsorship Levels







Company logo on the official conference website

Company name and logo on the back cover of the conference manual



Company name appears in the sponsorship module of the conference manual

Page in the conference manual for enterprise introduction and promotion





Company name and logo appear on the background board of the main venue of the conference



Place a roll-up banner at the interested venue


Company leader (1 person) to attend the opening and closing ceremonies and take a seat as a guest



Booths at the meeting (contact us for details)


Play corporate promotional videos during the session breaks

(15 min)

(10 min)

(5 min)

(2 min)


Registration fee waived for number of attendees 






Leaflet in the conference material bag (provided by the company and approved by the organizers)

(20 pages)

(1 page)

(1 page)



Provide dinner or visiting activities by the sponsors (22nd, 23rd, 24th)


Lunch event organized by sponsors (self-provided, cold meal required, organizing committee provides meeting room)


Company bidding (not included, starting at US$ 2,800): Place logos on pens (2,000 pieces), notebooks, bags, USB drives, umbrellas, chair covers and other items as VIP souvenirs (200 pieces)