"Promoting a Healthy Earth"

The SETAC Asia-Pacific 14th Biennial Conference will be held from 21–25 September 2024 in Tianjin, China.

Through scientific meetings, workshops, and publications, SETAC Asia-Pacific encourages the exchange of innovative research findings, methods, and best practices to help address emerging environmental issues. The biennial annual conference of the organization aims to provide a platform for scientists, researchers, policymakers, industry professionals, young students, and environmental enthusiasts to exchange knowledge, ideas, and solutions, discuss environmental issues in the Asia-Pacific region and globally, promote cooperation, and inspire collective action.

The SETAC Asia-Pacific 14th Biennial Conference strives to become a symbol of environmental awareness and scientific excellence by bringing together professionals who strive to maintain and enhance Earth's health and by creating a vibrant platform to cultivate academic ideas, explore solutions, establish partnerships, prosper environmental disciplines, and protect a healthy Earth. The conference showcases the latest developments, promotes interdisciplinary cooperation, and facilitates dialogue between academia, government, industry, and non-governmental organizations. The conference topics include but are not limited to environmental analysis, environmental pollution processes, ecotoxicology, emerging contaminant behaviour, risk assessment, and other related issues.

As the conference organizer, Nankai University cordially invites experts and scholars from around the world, especially from the Asia-Pacific region, to gather in Tianjin and participate in the grand event together.

Chinese Website

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Important Dates

  • February: Abstract submission opens

  • February: Registration opens

  • 21 September: SAP Biennial Conference