Fellows Award


The SETAC Fellows Award recognizes members demonstrating both (i) significant long-term scientific or science policy contributions, and (ii) service and leadership within SETAC. The identification and appointment of Fellow status is intended to provide additional recognition of excellence and contributions of SETAC members to ecotoxicology, environmental chemistry, risk assessment, and life cycle assessment. The hallmark of a SETAC Fellow is leadership within the professional and scientific arenas as well as SETAC.

The group of SETAC Fellows constitutes a body that has demonstrated long-term achievement in science or science policy and possesses institutional knowledge of SETAC.  While there is no upper limit to the number of Fellows, a target of approximately 1–2% of the active membership is expected to hold this prestigious recognition. There is no specified number of recipients in a given calendar year.


Nominees must be SETAC members in good standing for at least five years before the year in which they are considered for eligibility. In the case of new affiliates or chapters that have become part of SETAC, eligibility includes membership in these affiliates or chapters. This is a life-time achievement award; therefore, the nominee should have a long-standing career. Nominees with less than a 15-year career or fewer than 10 years of SETAC membership will not be considered.

Application Instructions

Nominees may not self-nominate. The SETAC member nominating a prospective Fellow cannot be from the home institution of the nominee or the past academic advisor of the nominee. To avoid duplication of effort, nominators should contact SETAC staff prior to preparing a nomination package.

The individual making the nomination should communicate with the nominee when compiling the supporting information. This is particularly important in describing the nominee’s five major lifetime contributions to science and/or policy issues relevant to SETAC, which may not be evident from reading the nominee’s curriculum vitae. Nominees will be asked to return a disclosure form before the nomination package is sent for review.

The application package must contain all the material following the descriptions below to be considered for the award:

  • A nomination letter outlining the eligibility of the nominee. The letter should describe the following supporting information and include each bulletized item as attachments.
    • A listing of committee memberships and leadership roles at the regional or geographic unit (GU) level of SETAC
    • Details of workshop participation in science and science policy (SETAC and others)
    • An overview of presentations at SETAC regional or GU meetings (an average of one presentation as author or co-author per year for the last five years would normally be expected)
    • A list of 5 or more of the nominee’s most important publications in peer-reviewed journals, publicly available government policy documents, or reports of international organizations on which the nominee was the primary author or a major contributor.
    • A description in short paragraphs of 5 or more major lifetime contributions of the nominee to science and/or policy issues relevant to SETAC.
  • An abbreviated curriculum vitae for the nominee of no more than five pages
  • Two additional support letters, only one of which can be from the current home institution of the nominee. The letters should explain why the nominee should be considered for the SETAC Fellows Award.

Review Process

Nominations will be evaluated independently by a Global Awards Committee(GAC)-appointed review panel using a standardized rubric.  The GAC will then discuss the panel’s determination to select the recipient. A summary of the award nominees and highest scoring member will be presented to the SETAC World Council (SWC) for approval. If an agreement is not reached by the GAC, a resolution will be made by the SWC.

The successful Fellows’ names must remain confidential until SWC has ratified the nomination. Staff will inform the award evaluators of the successful nominee(s) after the winner(s) have been notified. After the successful nominee(s) are notified, staff will also inform unsuccessful nominees and nominators.

Award Procedure

The Global Executive Director will notify the new slate of Fellows. Fellows will be recognized at all Geographic Units (GU) annual meetings, and officially presented with their award at the meetings of the GU in which they are a member or will be in attendance. Fellows who cannot attend a GU meeting will receive their award mail. The award includes a certificate and a pin.


Awards Disclosure

SETAC has implemented a self-disclosure step as part of the award process consistent with SETAC’s code of conduct and code of ethics. We ask each award candidate to consider whether they have any past or current transgressions that should be disclosed.

  • For candidates that are nominated by someone else, SETAC will reach out to the candidate directly, ask them to accept the nomination and provide the awards disclosure information.
  • For self-nominations, applicants will be ask to provide the disclosure during the application process.


For further information, contact us at [email protected].