03 Aug 2023

Support Diversity at SETAC North America

Brittanie Debney, Wayne State University; Ezra Miller, San Francisco Estuary Institute; with input from the IDC Social Media Subcommittee

About the SETAC North America Inclusive Diversity Committee

The Inclusive Diversity Committee's (IDC) charge is to provide a platform and structure within SETAC North America (SNA) that is inclusive of all people, including under-represented groups regardless of ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, socioeconomic status, physical or mental differences, religion, age or national origin.

We serve as a focal point for interaction among these affinity groups with an emphasis on outreach to these under-represented populations. We believe that inclusivity and diversity foster a collaborative, supportive and respectful environment that increases the participation and contribution of all members of SNA while understanding, accepting and valuing differences among its members.

The goal of this group is to make SETAC a welcoming and inclusive space. We hold monthly meetings that are open to everyone.

SETAC North America Annual Meeting Preview

IDC Events: Workshops and Talks

The IDC Social Gathering of Empowered Minds will include a panel discussion on the topic of "access" and its many interpretations this year. They will explore what access looks like for different people in various spaces like a scientific meeting, academia, industry, and inevitable connections to broader society and cover physical access within an office or event venue, access to helpful information and influence, access to science, and more. The panelists will prepare discussions and answer questions to explore the obstacles to accessibility and uncover solutions to lessen those hindrances. There will be room for theorized solutions and open discussion will be encouraged. We will also provide multiple examples of successfully increasing access for affinity groups both in and outside of SETAC. We hope to leave the event with concrete actions and strategies for increasing access to science or enhancing job and career paths that may not have previously considered.
Wednesday, 15 November, 4:30–6:30 p.m.

Diversity and Inclusion-Specific Sessions

We are excited to spotlight sessions on environmental justice and Indigenous knowledge. We encourage those working in these areas to consider submitting a late-breaking abstract.

Methods and Data for Cumulative Impact Assessment in the Context of Environmental Justice

Presenters in this session will be asked to summarize the state of the science for cumulative impact assessment, including qualitative and quantitative methods and data, especially as applied to disadvantaged, underserved and environmentally overburdened communities with environmental justice concerns.
Wednesday, 15 November, 10:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m.

Healthy Environment – Indigenous Knowledge System (IKS) Informed Management of Environmental Contaminants

This session will cover how joint governance initiatives with Indigenous or traditional communities have been used to broaden the context for examining contaminant exposures and potential risks to human and environmental health in a holistic manner, while still acknowledging the importance of maintaining the confidential nature of that knowledge. The goal is to enhance collaboration between SETAC scientists and Indigenous communities to integrate IKS and governance systems in the study and management of environmental contaminants.
Tuesday, 14 November, 1:30–3:30 p.m.

What To Do in Louisville

Did you know that Louisville has earned top marks from the Human Rights Campaign's Municipal Equality Index for seven years running and is home to two new LGBTQ community centers? Here are some ways you can contribute positively to the local community and feel good about visiting this hidden gem of Kentucky.

You can help Louisville's Queer and Black communities by supporting their local businesses. Although same-sex marriage was only legalized in Kentucky back in 2015, there are a variety of LGBTQ+ safe spaces you might enjoy while visiting Louisville. Listen to Jazz at Jack Fry’s, have an authentic Mexican meal at the Mayan Café, or an all-vegan entrée at V-Gritz restaurant and brewpub. Dance the night away at Play Louisville, soak up the sun on the patio at Chill bar or feast your eyes on the bohemian décor at Big Bar. You can help support the Black community by supporting businesses such as The Gathering Place art gallery, purchasing a beverage at Amicable Ade Lemonade Company, the Atrium Brewing, Brew & Sip Coffee Bar, or learn more about food at BearFruit & Grow or the Beeing2gether bee farm. Or, feel free to explore a full list of independent, minority-owned businesses ahead of your trip.

Social Offset Program

This year, SETAC is offering a way to contribute to the local community. Through a social offset program, we can provide funding to each of the below listed groups, who work to foster greener and healthier neighborhoods, promote accessible healthcare for Trans folk and others, and work towards equity for Kentuckian minorities.

To join the ID Committee, go to our SETAC page or connect with us on social media:

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