29 Aug 2023

Your Vote Counts: Help Determine the Future of SETAC North America

SETAC North America is a Geographic Unit of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC), established to promote and undertake activities of the society in Canada, Mexico and the United States.

A unique strength of SETAC is its commitment to balance the interests of academia, business and government. SETAC North America by-laws stipulate that the term of a board member is three years, and the board shall consist of sixteen voting members, with an approximate equal representation from government, academia, business and one student member.

SETAC North America Full membership recipients are eligible to participate in voting for future board members. If your membership matches this criteria, you will receive a unique link to cast your vote. If you did not receive a link to vote, please contact [email protected].

Please vote for two representatives from academia and two from business to the board.

2023–2024 Academic Sector Candidates

Carla Ng

Carla Ng


Ruth Sofield
Karen Watanabe

2023–2024 Business Sector Candidates

Alan Jones

Alan Jones

Member At-Large

Ceil Mancini
Chris Stransky

North America Student Advisory Council (NASAC) Member

Bonnie Ertel

Bonnie Ertel

Vice Chair, Students Advisory Committee

Leenia Mukhopadhyay