07 Mar 2024

SETAC Latin America Reflects on Projects From 2023

Through impactful conferences and collaborative initiatives, SETAC Latin America elevated the dialogue on environmental toxicology and chemistry in 2023. Its efforts have not only fostered a vibrant community of scholars but have also driven tangible solutions for environmental sustainability in Latin America. Here are some highlights:

SETAC Latin America Held Its 15th Biennial Meeting

The SETAC Latin America 15th Biennial Meeting was held from 17–20 September at the Technological Laboratory of Uruguay (LATU) in Montevideo, Uruguay, under the theme “Cutting-Edge Knowledge and Technologies for Environmental Health Management and Research.”

SETAC Montevideo saw an impressive turnout with more than 680 participants representing 22 countries and geographic regions. The diverse range of topics covered included biodiversity, climate change, ecosystem services, cyanobacterial blooms, terrestrial, aquatic and air toxicants, metagenomics, environmental policy, risk management, endocrine disruptors, micro- and nanoplastics, among others. This resulted in a dynamic program, featuring 27 conference sessions, more than 350 posters and 10 Sunday training courses, engaging 240 students. Furthermore, the event featured 20 booths showcasing the latest advancements in tools and knowledge bases from local and international sponsors.

Education Committee Established

The SETAC Latin America Education Committee was created to develop and coordinate activities related to continuing environmental education training for members and the development of educational information for the public. The committee is led by Helena Cristina Silva de Assis (Federal University of Parana, Brazil) as chair, and the expertise of the committee members will cover major technical areas and topics of educational interest of SETAC Latin America (e.g., risk assessment; environmental chemistry; environmental toxicology; environmental issues related to oil and gas, metals, pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals).