17 Oct 2019

Declaration on Research Integrity

We recognize the need for research integrity to guarantee that high-quality research is available to be used as the basis for science-based environmental decision-making.

We therefore agree that research from all sectors (including academic, governmental and private) should be founded on principles listed in internationally and multi-stakeholder accepted standards, such as the following or any appropriate equivalent:

We urge all SETAC staff, members, meeting participants, partners and sponsors, and in fact the entire community of environmental professionals, to follow these principles in all aspects of research (including funding, data generation, interpretation, reporting, dissemination and usage for policymaking).  

We commit, with the support of SETAC staff and volunteers from the entire SETAC membership, to fostering a culture of research integrity and to develop and implement a research integrity plan across all SETAC activities (including professional training and education).

SETAC Animals in Research Guidance Statement

  • Respect for all life forms and systems is an inherent characteristic of environmental professionals; the respectful treatment of organisms is both an ethical and a scientific necessity
  • Methods designed to reduce, refine or replace the need for experimental organisms are advocated
  • In the absence of data, research with experimental organisms is the most reliable means of identifying toxic properties of chemicals and other environmental stressors and for establishing risks to environmental health
  • Care must be exercised to avoid introduction of exotic/non-indigenous organisms to natural environments

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