Join us online from 13:30 to 16:30 CET on 31 January for this second Consultation Meeting organised by the Sounding Board, which supports SETAC's representation at the High-Level Roundtable for the implementation of the Chemical Strategy for Sustainability (HLRT CSS), in collaboration with the European Commission (EC) (DG RTD).

The event provides a unique opportunity to support the European Commission (EC) in the implementation of the Safe and Sustainable by Design (SSbD) framework by introducing and progressing your unique ideas and identifying and creating added value to the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability (CSS).

This 2nd Consultation Meeting is the result of a SETAC partnership with the EC through the Sounding Board and is a direct follow-up to our highly successful 1st Consultation Meeting held on 2 October 2023, which attracted 114 participants, including representatives from the EC and its stakeholders, SETAC scientists and other associated scientists from across the planet.

The point of departure is the crucial need and the science-based opportunities to further develop the SSbD as identified in the 1st Consultation. The objective of the 2nd Consultation meeting is the selection of three or four important issues and/or case studies that will feed straight into the Green Deal SSbD Workshop to be held on 4 May in Seville ahead of the SETAC Europe 34th Annual Meeting. This workshop is aimed at deriving pathways to effectively enable the SSbD vision and the CSS as a whole. Participants are encouraged to join to engage in developing one or more of the critical leading issues and/or case studies and to take co-ownership in preparing for a discussion of these, ahead of the workshop in Seville where they will be addressed together with the EC.

If you wish to join this event and/or if you wish to be kept in the loop about the outcomes of these events, please make sure to register to be included in the mailing list and receive any further communications. Anyone with a SETAC account can register for the event (there is a free account option).


The objective of the 2nd Consultation Meeting is to build on the five to eight themes that emerged from the 1st Consultation, all aimed at delivering an overview and critical evaluation of existing tools and methods to assess safety and sustainability of chemicals, in addition to those that are already in the pipeline, as well as providing roadmaps for these tools. 

Aspects that will be covered in the discussions include:

  • The complementary nature of the activities of the Partnership for the Assessment of Risks from Chemicals (PARC) to develop the SSbD Toolbox using well-known tools. PARC is an initiative of the EU, aimed at improving knowledge about chemical substances in order to accelerate actions to better protect human health and the environment;
  • Data gaps and how to obtain data; the concept of ranking data sources; contemplating a unified database;
  • What do we identify as development needs; practicability checks
  • Discussion of recent developments in AI and machine learning for data handling and filling of data gaps; consideration of hybrid solutions;
  • Identification of education/training courses that are needed;
  • How can SMEs best be served?

These are just some examples of the topics we aim to discuss. There is ample scope for SETAC scientists to champion one or other concepts and lead the development of a roadmap and the execution of the resulting project. 

The outcome of the 2nd Consultation Meeting will be three or four leading concepts and/or case studies that will feed straight into the Green Deal SSbD Workshop to be held on 4 May in Seville ahead of the SETAC Europe 34th Annual Meeting.

One of the tangible outputs from this workshop will be a final report to be handed to the EC with science-based opportunities for and a roadmap towards the operationalisation of SSbD.

Download the preliminary report of the 1st Consultation Meeting held on 2 October 2023.