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Interest Groups
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What are SETAC Interest Group?

SETAC Interest Groups provide a vital forum for professionals in the environmental sciences. The groups’ activities range from sponsorship of platform and poster sessions at SETAC annual meetings to proposing and supporting focus topic meetings, symposia, and workshops as well as books on current topics.

Within any Interest Group, advisory or expert sub-groups can be established according to the expertise and other needs for a particular advisory effort and in conformance with SETAC policies and any requirements established by the body to which advice is given. If an IG wants to initiate a formal external advisory activity, they should do coordinate with the respective SETAC Science Managers on how best to accomplish that within SETAC.

SETAC Interest Groups were previously called Advisory Groups. Learn more about the implementation of the plan to phase the terminology of Advisory Group to Interest Group by reading the Globe Article Change is Coming and Change is Here.

SETAC IGs act at various levels from the global level to one Geographic Unit level.

Benefits of Interest Groups

There are many reasons to join and benefits to IG membership, including:
  • Learn about and contribute to the state of the science in the topic area;
  • Network with thought leaders in the topic area;
  • Collaborate with the top scientists in the field on publications;
  • Contribute to shape the direction of the topic area within SETAC and the greater scientific community by participating in IG-sponsored session proposals and by participating in the organization of focus topic meeting, symposia, and workshops;
  • Access to an excellent network for mentorship and peer-review opportunities; and
  • Develop leadership skills by participating in steering committees and organizing committees.

How to Join an Interest Group

Being part of an Interest Group gives you the chance to participate in special sessions or networking events at an annual meeting, in focused workshops, in online exchanges, or to contribute to books or journal articles. Participation in an Interest Group is open to all parties. Once you are signed in to your SETAC account, navigate to the group’s page and click Join Group” near the top of the page.  

Interest Group Guidelines

Interest groups are currently governed by the SETAC 2005 Group Guidelines and the SETAC 2012 Group Guidelines.

SETAC Communities Rules

SETAC members, including Interest Group members, are required to adhere to the SETAC Communities Rules of Conduct, the SETAC Public Outreach Guidelines and Procedures, the SETAC Privacy Policy, the SETAC Social Media Guidelines, and the SETAC Logo and Trademark Guidelines. Moreover, all members are expected to adhere to the SETAC Code of Ethics

Using Interest Group Tools

For instructions and help on how to use IG tools, please refer to Guidance for Group Users, Guidance for Listservs, and the Guidance for Group Administrators.