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SETAC Europe Life Cycle Assessment Interest Group
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The mission of the Life-cycle Assessment (LCA) Interest Group in Europe is to advance the science, practice, and application of LCAs to reduce the resource consumption and environmental burdens associated with products, packaging, processes, or activities. The organisation serves as the focal point in Europe of a broad-based forum for the identification, resolution, and communication of issues regarding LCAs, and it facilitates, coordinates, and provides guidance for the development and implementation of LCAs in close cooperation with the North America LCA Interest Group and the LCA Global Coordinating Group (GCG).

Core tasks of the LCA Interest Group include planning and organising LCA sessions at the annual meetings and European conferences, such as the LCA Case Studies Symposium; coordination of topical working groups; preparation and global integration of SETAC LCA publications; and promotion of the UNEP/SETAC Life Cycle Initiative.

LCA Interest Group Steering Committee

  • Voting members:

    • Ralph Rosenbaum (LCA CSS chair 2016; Irstea ELSA-PACT, France)
    • Igor Budak (LCA CSS chair 2015; University of Novi Sad, Serbia)
    • Sara Palander (Swedish Life Cycle Centre, Sweden)
    • Serenella Sala (SETAC Council member; European Commission - Joint Research Centre, Italy)
    • Jean-Florent Campion (L'Oréal Research and Innovation, France)
    • Heinz Stichnothe (Chair; Thünen Institute, Germany)
    • Cécile Besson (Vice chair; CIRAD, France)
    • Joost Dewaele (Award manager; Procter & Gamble, Belgium)
    • Roland Hischier (EMPA, Switzerland)
    • Nicole Unger (Secretary; University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria)
    • Michele de Rosa (Communications manager; Aarhus University, Student representative, Denmark)

  • Non-voting members/Ex-officio members:

    • Tomas Rydberg - Chair (Retired SC chair; IVL, Sweden)
    • Robert Ries (Chair; SETAC North America LCA Advisory Group; University of Florida, US)
    • Bart Bosveld (SETAC Europe Executive Director, Belgium)
    • Jim Fava (UNEP/SETCA Life Cycle Initiative representative, US)
    • Bruce Vigon (LCA North America AG liaison, US)