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Silver: Environmental Transport, Fate, Effects, and Models: Papers from Environm

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* ISBN: 978-1-880611-73-9 Publication Date: 2003 Pages: 560

Editors: Joseph W. Gorsuch, James R. Kramer, Thomas W. La Point

This landmark compilation includes 57 papers in 7 sections:

  1. Analytical Chemistry: Sources, detection limits, ASV, specific Ag+ electrode.
  2. Speciation Chemistry: Exposure, forms of silver, sulfidic ligands, ultra-clean techniques, concentrations in various media.
  3. Aquatic Toxicology: Acute and chronic, fish, invertebrates, freshwater & marine.
  4. Sediment Toxicology: Acute and chronic, freshwater and marine.
  5. Terrestrial and Microbial Toxicology: Plant and algal uptake, effects on POTWs, microbes.
  6. Foodchain and Dietary Exposure: Accumulation, tissue residue, reproductive impairment.
  7. Models: BLMs, WERs, probabilistic, and regulatory considerations.