16 Aug 2023

Jumpstart Your Career With the Latest SETAC Café

There are many career options available to recent graduates, and it can be overwhelming to decide what career path and sector are a good fit for you. In this café session, we will hear from several early career professionals from the academic, government and business sectors. Come learn about their recent job transitions, the decisions behind those career moves, and how these experiences are guiding their planned career trajectories. This session is an opportunity to get advice for successfully transitioning from school and training programs to post-graduate jobs. 

If you are interested in exploring career options and understanding how to use your skills to transition to a job in your desired sector, then this session is for you. There will be time for audience Q+A during the event, so come prepared with your questions.

This event will be particularly useful for students, postdocs and early career professionals.

Register to join the upcoming SETAC Café on Tuesday, 26 September. 
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