27 Sep 2023

ET&C Call For Papers: New Approach Methods in Ecotoxicology

Regulatory agencies worldwide are calling for new approach methods (NAMs), which are defined as any technology, methodology, approach or combination thereof that can be used to replace, reduce or refine animal toxicity testing and allow for more rapid or effective prioritization and/or assessment of chemicals. NAMs can be existing methods, and what makes them new is their fit for purpose use in a regulatory context and/or their purposeful design to reduce the reliance or need for animal-based tests. There is also interest in methods that are scalable for high-throughput delivery and ones that yield mechanistic insights.

The objective of this special issue is to showcase the state of the science of NAMs in ecotoxicology. Articles submitted to this special issue should take the form of case studies that help increase scientific confidence of a give NAM. Accordingly, case studies must be scientifically sound while also providing essential details on: (1) technical methods and performance; (2) biological and/or ecological relevance; and (3) fit for purpose detailing the context(s) in which the NAM is intended for use. The case studies must illustrate how the data, approaches and conclusions derived from the NAM compare with those derived from traditional approaches. In addition to case studies, we also welcome reviews, perspectives and points of reference on the topic, with a focus on opportunities and barriers towards the design, validation and adoption of NAMs in ecotoxicological applications.

Submissions are due 30 April 2024. Select "NAMs 2024" from the special issue/section dropdown menu when you submit your manuscript. For more information, please contact the guest editor Nil Basu or the ET&C editorial office.