12 Oct 2023

ET&C Call for Papers: Groundwater Ecotoxicology and Chemistry

Groundwater is a vital natural resource that plays a significant role in sustaining ecosystems and supporting human needs. The ecotoxicology of groundwater is highly relevant because it focuses on understanding how contaminants in groundwater can impact ecosystems and the organisms within them. Despite this, however, the literature on the ecotoxicological studies with species that complete their life cycle related partial or exclusively in groundwater has not expanded significantly.

In this special series, we aim to promote and disseminate articles related to this field and to address some questions such as: What relationship exists between the results obtained with standard species from surface water compared to those from groundwater species? What biomarkers would be most suitable for assessing this class of organisms? How do studies made with groundwater species in ERA improve result quality? Are the proposed assays for their study viable for standardization? Are additional studies such as the biodegradation/biotransformation and chemistry of toxic substances in groundwater necessary?

Submissions should include new laboratory techniques/approaches/systems to investigate these scientific questions.

Submissions are due 4 February 2024. Select “Groundwater” from the special issue/section dropdown menu when you submit your manuscript. For more information, please contact the guest editor Walter Di Marzio or the ET&C office.

ET&C Special Issue - Groundwater.pdf