08 Feb 2024

Contribute to Salary Insights

The Society of Toxicology (SOT) invites SETAC members to participate in the Triennial Toxicology Salary Survey by 4 March. 

For more than two decades, the Triennial Toxicology Salary Survey has been a cornerstone in providing the toxicology profession with up-to-date, realistic salary insights. As SOT embarks on the 12th survey since its inception in 1988, they invite SETAC members to contribute to this valuable resource that benefits both seasoned professionals and those aspiring to enter toxicology-related careers.

Why Should You Participate?

The survey results directly impact you in various ways:

  1. Identifying Standards and Inequities: Understand pay standards and potential inequities among toxicologists.
  2. Negotiation Tool: Equip yourself for salary negotiations, benefits discussions, and promotions.
  3. Talent Attraction: Gain insights to attract top talent and support diversity and inclusion efforts.
  4. Career Planning: Receive guidance for career planning, whether it's pursuing higher education, certification, changing employers, sectors or disciplines.
  5. Informed Decision-Making: Inform SOT and other societies about underemployment, aiding in the design of education and career development programs.

Survey Details:

  • Please complete and submit the survey by 4 March.
  • You may receive multiple invitations if you belong to different groups collecting this information, but only one submission per computer/person is allowed.

This initiative is led by the SOT Education and Career Development Committee. For questions, please contact SOT Headquarters.