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SETAC North America Public Outreach Committee
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The Public Outreach Committee (POC) is the clearinghouse for SETAC North America outreach. The POC reviews prospective public pronouncements from SETAC North America and its subsidiary groups while fully addressing the respective interests and concerns of SETAC’s tripartite membership.

Science Communication Outlets

SETAC provides many opportunities for science outreach. We’ve summarized a few venues below based on type of audience:

Science Outreach to the Scientific Community

  • SETAC Publications: Journal articles, books, Technical Issue Papers, Science Briefs, and news articles in the SETAC Globe. For guidance on publication, see the Publish with SETAC page.
  • Presentations: For opportunities for presentations, please see our meetings and events page. For recorded  webinars and presentations from the North Americana Annual meeting, please see the SETAC Live Learning Center.

Science Outreach to the General Public

  • Fact Sheets: SETAC encourages members to engage with the public through authoring policy statements, technical issues papers, and science briefs that can be referenced in online debates and distributed to policy makers, regulators, and other interested parties in outreach efforts. For guidance, see the Publish with SETAC page or contact SETAC Science Affairs Manager to suggest topics for fact sheets and learn of fact sheets in progress.
  • Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) Events: SETAC organizes those events during annual meeting. These events offer SETACers an interactive experience answering science questions from the public. Sign up to answer questions at the next Reddit AMA!
  • Public Science Forums: SETAC encourages events that engage with the public and provide opportunities for fellowship and learning (e.g., Science Cafe, Science Pub-Night, Science Town Hall). The first SETAC North America Public Town Hall event took place in conjunction with the 38th Annual Meeting in Minneapolis in 2017. The Public Town Hall will become a recurring event at SETAC North America Annual Meeting. Further, regional chapters are encouraged to conduct those types of events.
  • Public Education: SETACers are encouraged, individually or through local chapters, to find opportunities to engage in K-12 education events. Opportunities include:
  • SETAC Science Partners: 
  • Blogs: The IEAM Blog can serve as an outlet for outreach. Submit a blog!
  • Podcasts: Check out the IEAM Podcasts which are short interviews that give the story behind the science.

Science Communications Resources

The SETAC North Atlantic Chapter has gathered a great list of resources for science communicators.

POC Organization

The POC has several subcommittees that tackle specific issues:

  • Fact Sheets Subcommittee: Identifies the needs for specific TIPs and science briefs and initiates the process to develop them. Subcommittee Leader: Dani Ivey.
  • Policy Statements Subcommittee: Prepares policy statements on various environmental topics of interest. Subcommittee Leader: Paul Sibley.
  • K-12 Science Education Subcommittee: Links members interested in K-12 education to opportunities, tools, and resources. Subcommittee Leader: Dani Ivey.
  • Science Communication Subcommittee: Facilitates training on science communication to non-scientist (e.g., news media, legislators and the public in general). Subcommittee Leader: Stuart Cohen.

Interested in volunteering for this committee? Contact Co-Chairs Stuart Cohen, Greg Pyle or Paul Sibley.

Already a member of the North America Public Outreach Committee? Visit the group page.