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Europe Articles of Association
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SETAC Europe’s Articles of Association set out the basic rules and principles that control its operation, as follows:

I. Name, Registered Office, Purpose

Article 1: Name
Article 2: Registered Office
Article 3: Purpose

II. Members

Article 4: Number; Criteria; Categories
Article 5: Admission of New Members; Dues; Voting; Termination

III. General Assembly

Article 6: Composition; Powers
Article 7: Meetings and Notices
Article 8: Quorum; Required Majority
Article 9: Records

IV. Council

Article 10: Number; Authority
Article 11: Officers
Article 12: Meetings; Quorum; Required Majority
Article 13: Minutes and Resolutions
Article 14: Powers
Article 15: Required Signatures
Article 16: Legal Actions
Article 17: Committees

V. The Executive Director

Article 18: Appointment and Powers

VI. Budget, Accounts and Property

Article 19: Financial Year; Ownership of Properties

VII. Amendment of the Articles of Association and Dissolution of the Association

Article 20: Amendment

VIII. Internal Rules

Article 21: Internal Rules

IX. General Provisions

Article 22: Operation in Accordance with Law and Internal Rules