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2017 Award Winers - Alex Stone
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Stone has promoted the application of environmental toxicology and chemistry to support risk reduction in project after project. Throughout his career, Stone has successfully created collaborations across government, business, academia, and other segments of society to protect the welfare of the general public by initiating scientifically rigorous research and monitoring practices and principles. In addition to contributing to a number of Chemical Action Plans, which identify, characterize and evaluate all uses and releases of specific, hazardous chemicals in order to recommend reductions and phase-out uses, releases or exposure risks in the state of Washington, he has also helped to initiate the state’s product testing efforts. The action plans have resulted in the development of a “Chemicals of High Concern to Children” list that requires companies to disclose if they are using any of the listed chemicals in children’s products. And the testing efforts have created a way to analyze products to ensure that they comply with state bans and reporting requirements.

Most notable is Stone’s work as a project leader on the Interstate Chemicals Clearinghouse (IC2) working group, which developed methods for assessing alternative chemicals in products, commonly called alternatives assessment. The IC2 work group led by Stone developed an alternate assessment guidebook that has become a critical resource for the National Academy of Science and the US Environmental Protection Agency. Washington has become a leader in the area of safer chemical policies and practices in large part due to Stone’s efforts on the chemical action plans, safer children’s products, and more.