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Plants IG Future Activities
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The Plants IG has a session at the SETAC conference in Nantes 2016 entitled: Aquatic and terrestrial plant ecology, ecotoxicology, and risk assessment. You can find it under the main theme: ET-Aquatic and terrestrial ecotoxicology. You are welcome to submit your abstract.


The Plants IG was formed to help fill informational needs related to aquatic macrophyte ecotoxicology. Below are several topic areas that may be targeted for development of future activities. If you are interested in any of these topic areas, or have other specific needs, please contact the chairs Stefania Loutseti (Stefania.Loutseti@dupont.com) or Hank krueger (hkrueger@eag.com). Future working groups will be formed based on informational needs and membership interest.

Potential Topics for Future Plants IG Activities:

  • Plants IG-sponsored short course on macrophyte risk assessment and ecotoxicology
  • Guidance recommendations for terrestrial plant ecotoxicology studies and risk assessment
  • Identify new research/data interpretation needs from the environmental management and research communities
  • Mesocosm studies with macrophytes (i.e. methodologies for implementation and evaluation, including the assessment of recovery)
  • Outreach to other societies involved in macrophyte research (e.g. ecology, biocontrol, phytoremediation, wastewater treatment).  
  • Guidance recommendations for emergent aquatic plant tests
  • Assessment and evaluation of macrophyte recovery in laboratory and semi-field tests
  • Linking lab to field with field based monitoring or assessments
  • Retrospective aquatic macrophyte risk assessment in the context of e.g. the WFD or the Clean Water Act
  • Use of aquatic macrophytes for bioremediation and their restoration in impacted habitats
  • Sustainable management of aquatic macrophytes (e.g. exotic species, pests)