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PEOPLE actions in order of SCIRIC work progress:




1-Collate expertise and experience

Grow network; strengthen connections within SETAC

Sessions at SETAC EU AMs since 2012, article series in Env Sci Europe

2-Build up a directory of communication experts

List of experts within each individual network

Initiated and ongoing

3-Acquire members from other SETAC interest groups

‘Ambassadors’ for science and risk communication, learn about issues and problems for which SCIRIC could provide tailored solutions

Initiated and ongoing

4-Own session track on communication at SETAC EU AMs

Showcase and discuss communication topics on a broader scale and thus increase awareness and interest

Track “Communication on and public perception of environmental risks” at SETAC AM 2016, Nantes, France

5-Create a strong community of experienced scientists

Facilitate the establishment of proper dissemination to all different target groups in the society

Depends on 1. and 2.

6-“Science communication” tag for SETAC member directory

Identify of skilled colleagues

To be proposed

7-Run trainings (such as short courses, special sessions, workshops)

Increase the number of trained scientists

First trainings already in discussion/preparation, planned participation in the CRA program

8-Regular workshops for other AG chairs

Educate and discuss specific communication issues

Depends on progess in TOPIC

9-Demand-driven advice meetings with AGs

Work on specific ideas or issues

Depends on progress in TOPIC



TOPIC actions in order of SCIRIC work progress:




1-Analyse and identify specific requirements for communication of environmental research

Base activities on fundamental knowledge, focus work efficiently

Initial work for and through SETAC EU LRP committee discussion of a communication strategy in 9/2015

2-Derive tailor-made strategies from currently available tools and methods

Create toolbox for proper communication that is easily adaptable to the specific situation, aggregate expertise on communication within SCIRIC

Depends on 1.

3-Develop novel communication tools and methods

Depends on 1.

4-Continuously review and update the toolbox

Depends on 2. to 4.

5-Develop new concepts and strategies

Use any new technologies for communication

Depends on 1. to 3.