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Global Interest Groups: Animal Alternatives
Teresa J. Norberg-King
Adam Lillicrap


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  • Foster discussion of key technical challenges for the future of the 3Rs (reduction, refinement, and replacement of animal tests) in environmental science
  • Understand the state of the science in animal alternatives with respect to acute and chronic testing
  • Understand the landscape for future animal alternative needs
  • Develop the basis for collaborative progress by all stakeholders
  • Consider how animal alternatives in environmental science will impact risk assessment


Several members of the IG collaborated over a very useful focus article that was published in ET&C on animal alternatives that may be of interest -Check it out: “Alternative approaches to vertebrate ecotoxicity tests in the 21st century: A review of developments over the last 2 decades and current status “ (DOI: 10.1002/etc.3603).

Annual Report

2015 Animal Alternatives Annual Report

2014 Animal Alternatives Annual Report

    Steering Team Members

    • Adam Lillicrap, Norway (non-profit sector) 
    • Teresa Norberg-King (US, government sector)

    • Natalie Burden (UK, non-profit sector)

    • Scott Belanger (US, Industry sector)

    • Michelle Embry (US, non-profit sector)

    • Marlies Halder (Europe, government sector)

    • Bob Hoke (US, industry sector)

    • Lucy Lee (Canada, academia sector)

    • Marc Léonard (Europe, industry sector)

    • Barnett Rattner (US, government sector)

    • Kristin Schirmer (Europe, academic sector

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