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Student Membership Benefits
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our ancestors called it magic, but you call it science.

Join SETAC, Home of the Science Superheroes!

A superhero is not just a comic book figure fighting crime behind a mask. The dictionary defines a superhero as “an exceptionally skillful or successful person.” If you study environmental toxicology and chemistry, you probably have heard from some of the society's superheros, read their books or articles, or even might be writing your thesis under one of them. Now it's time for you to become the next stellar superhero by joining the society, which will help you get ahead and stand out from the crowd.

So What Makes a Science Superhero?

Extraordinary Powers

As a student member, you get big discounts on registration to SETAC meetings and events, where professional development courses, cutting-edge presentations, high-caliber poster sessions, topical debates and much more will inspire you to take your research to the next level.

Student awards, travel grants and funding opportunities are all opened once you join. For example, SETAC North America supported more than 110 students to travel to the SETAC North America 36th Annual Meeting in 2015, providing more than $50,000 in support.

A Supporting Cast of Characters

No hero can do it alone. Once you are a member, you get access to the membership directory. You can also connect with students and professionals in your areas of interest through forums and advisory groups.

A Strong Moral Code

SETAC researchers come together to solve environmental problems. Our tripartite approach in all aspects of our society is fundamental for Environmental Quality Through Science®; it is a top priority in all committees, advisory groups, meetings, workshops and activities.

Great Powers = Great Responsibilities

You’ve studied hard, presented your research, planned thesis and dissertations, but finding your first “real” job can still be daunting. The SETAC Career Center features jobs, volunteer opportunities and internships in the area of environmental toxicology and chemistry. As a student member, you can also post your resume online for free.

Origin Story

SETAC publishes cutting-edge research and encourages you, as a student, to tell your stories right from the start. SETAC membership provides free online access to two international, peer-reviewed journals, subscriptions to all SETAC newsletters, including the award-winning SETAC Globe, and discounts on all SETAC books. Also, there are no page charges for authors.

Join Today

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SETAC Home of the Science Superheroes