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2015 Award Winners - Fengchang Wu
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2015 Government Service Award Winner

Fengchang Wu
State Key Laboratory of Environmental Criteria and Risk Assessment; State Environmental Protection Key Laboratory of Lake Pollution Control; Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences; Ministry of Environmental Protection

Fengchang Wu is a scientist who successfully promotes a collective application of environmental toxicology and chemistry to risk assessment in a government function. He has implemented programs, laws and criteria that have resulted in ecologically sound and acceptable practices in China. None of this could be done without articulate communication and open collaboration between professionals in government, business, academia, and other segments of society involved in the protection of the welfare of the general public. SETAC is pleased to recognize his career achievements by awarding him the 2015 SETAC Government Service Award.

Fengchang’s research has significantly contributed to knowledge about the environmental issues facing China and led directly to improvements in the environment there. He has taken the lead in research on theoretical and practical technologies for control of pollution and development of water quality criteria in China, made breakthroughs in distribution of species sensitivity, bio-ligands, and toxic structure-activity models, was responsible for creating national environmental criteria research roadmaps in China, and accelerated the clarification of the state legal status for environmental criteria. Notably, he established key criteria adopted by the “New Amendment of Environmental Protection Law of China” in 2014 and he was in charge of the “Surface Water Environmental Quality Standards of China,” which provides a scientific basis for the protection and management of the aquatic environment.

Prior to the changes recently adopted in China’s environmental protection laws, there were many regional laws that were not always uniformly applied or enforced. Fengchang advocated the active improvement of the scientific basis of environmental standards. He had the unique ability and a willingness to closely integrate technical expertise, a comprehensive understanding of environmental policy, and the ability to communicate the significance of technical issues to policy-making leaders lacking scientific backgrounds.